Window Mounted Cat Hammock


Window Mounted Cat Hammock is a fluffy, luxurious lounging hammock that your cat will adore. Made entirely of ultra-soft faux fur covering a sturdy frame, Window Mounted Cat Hammock can be easily hung on any accomodating surface.

Most cat hammocks are hung with suction cups, which isn’t convenient for every space. Window Mounted Cat Hammock is ideal for cat people who prefer a convenient alternative.

The window mounting frame slots easily into hung brackets, bolts, ledges, or any other safe space where kitty enjoys basking.

How to Use Window Mounted Cat Hammock

Depending on the design of your home, suction cups are not always the best way to fix your Window Mounted Cat Hammock near or on a window. Older buildings often have frames and panels that don’t offer smooth, continuous surfaces.

Window Mounted Cat Hammock solves this problem. The mounting frame slides easily and holds firmly in place. If you don’t already have slots, they are easy to find.

J Bolts or Eye Bolts are cheap and easy pieces of hardware that are compatible with Window Mounted Cat Hammock. Consult with your local hardware store clerk if you’re not sure!


Frame covered in plush fleece.


Available in light brown or gray.


Suitable for small and medium-sized cats under 11lbs / 5kg


Window Mounted Cat Hammock, Bed/Sleeping

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