Personalized Rhinestone Cat Collar



These fancy cat collars sparkle like diamonds! With the personalized Rhinestone Cat Collar, show your cat that you care about their style. Choose from different colors to match your cat's taste. The collar is made from high quality leather which makes it comfortable to wear and gives an elegant look. You can choose between plain or croc pattern, to give it the extra bling-bling style. It is safe to wear as long as it is not too tight. It also has reflective properties.

To ensure that the collar fits, take your time while measuring their neck.

Please note that you either choose up to 5 letters and 2 charms or 6 letters and 1 charm.


Please add the information you would like on the collar to your order notes at checkout. If you don't include the personalization information as a note at the Checkout Page or messaging us prior to shipping, it will result in your items being shipped without personalization.

How To Use

  • Always make sure the collar is not too tight around your cat's neck
  • Regularly check the tightness, especially if your cat is going outdoor
  • Clean the collar easily with a wet cloth

Advantages For You & Your Cat

  • Looking sharp and elegant when walking around the neighborhood
  • Great for spotting your cat from far away
  • Easy to wash
  • Have the most adorable photos of your cat on special occasion
  • Diamonds strongly fitted to the collar so it won't fall off


  • Plain Blue
  • Plain Black
  • Plain Pink
  • Plain Red
  • Plain White
  • Croc Black
  • Croc Blue
  • Croc Pink
  • Croc Red
  • Croc White


  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L



Item Type

Collars & Leashes

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