Multi-Level Modern Cat Tree

Size: 70X45X115CM

The Multi-Level Modern Wooden Cat Tree is the perfect playground for the discerning modern cat parent looking for style and function. With all the love you shower on your cat, you deserve something that looks good, too.

With the Multi-Level Modern Wooden Cat Tree, you don’t have to sacrifice the design of your home to accommodate an unattractive eyesore.

Most importantly, your cat will love this challenging, engaging cat tree.

Features of the Multi-Level Cat Tree

  • Four unique platforms branching off one another, imitating the natural growth of a tree.
  • A beautifully constructed wooden hideaway compartment where your cat can hide and nap.
  • Six separate sisal scratching posts to rescue your furniture from your cat’s natural claw-sharpening instincts.
  • Plush, removable, and easy-to-wash cushions on each wooden platform so your cat will always be comfortable.
  • A full height of 45” or 115cm to give your cat has the perfect multi-level vantage point.

Cat Trees for Exercise, Play, and Sleep

Even the most aloof and seemingly self-sufficient cats love to play and engage. Unfortunately, modern life can keep us busy and away from our special felines.

Having plenty of engaging toys and opportunities to exercise their natural behavior and instincts will make up for the time you can’t physically attend to your cat’s need for attention.

The Multi-Level Modern Wooden Cat Tree will also help out with cats who like scratching furniture. They'll have plenty of new spots to choose from.

When you give your cat a special playground of their own, they are more likely to leave your favorite furniture items alone!

Materials: Wood, Sisal

Color: Light-colored wood, white, and beige

Size: 70cm x 45cm x 115cm / 27.56” x 17.72” x 45.1”

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