Fish Pattern Cat Sweaters


These Fish Pattern Cat Sweaters are fashionable apparel to keep your cat feeling cozy and warm. With a unique, wide collar and cool graphics and text design, you’ll find yourself eyeing the Fish Pattern Cat Sweater for yourself! Unfortunately for humans, this Sweater is only made for cats.

Available in gray or dark blue, this Sweater offers great protection against cold, crisp weather conditions.

To keep this Sweater looking its best, we recommend washing it on a gentle wash cycle using an eco-friendly detergent. If it is convenient, hang to dry. Otherwise, use a low setting on the tumble dryer.

This Sweater comes in sizes S through XXL. Three buttons along the belly give additional flexibility to this garment’s fit.

To help you measure your cat accurately to select the best fit, check out ‘How to Measure Your Cat’ for an easy how-to guide.

Please allow for a 1-3 cm/ 0.39-1.18” difference in the measurements below.

Material: 100% Cotton



Neck: 26cm / 10” Chest: 30cm / 11.5” Back: 23cm / 9.1"


Neck: 30cm / 11.5" Chest: 34cm / 13” Back: 26cm / 10"


Neck: 34cm / 13" Chest: 40cm / 15.5” Back: 32cm / 12.6"


Neck: 37cm / 14.5" Chest: 43cm / 17” Back: 38cm / 15"


Neck: 41cm / 16” Chest: 50cm / 19.5” Back: 41cm / 16"

Colors: Blue with White Text or Gray with Black Text




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