Cute Cat Socks


These Cute Cat Socks come in stylish packs of four to warm each of your cat’s adorable paws! If you are a cat parent with stretches of tile and hardwood in your home, these Cute Cat Socks will become a wardrobe staple.

Your cat’s paw pads can get cold and uncomfortable on those tough surfaces. But not everyone wants carpets and runners covering every inch of flooring. And those who do, know how tough your cats can be on them!

Covering your cat's paws with these soft, plush socks not only keeps your cat ultra-comfortable but also protects your furniture from their claws. Slip grip latex soles will prevent your cat from slipping on smooth surfaces, allowing them to explore your home comfortably.

How to Wash

To preserve the Cat Sock's latex soles, wash these socks on a gentle, cold wash and hang them to dry in a well-ventilated space.

How to Measure Your Cat's Sole

We recommend you measure your cat’s sole to guarantee the best fit. Have your cat stand on a piece of paper and draw around their paw with a pencil.

The sole's length goes from the tip of the toe pads to the metacarpal pad (biggest paw pad). And the sole's width goes from the leftmost toe pad to the rightmost toe pad.

Please allow for a 1-3 cm/ 0.39-1.18” difference in the measurements below. 

Material: Polyester, paw-shaped latex sole



Cuff: 2.3cm / 0.9”

Sole: Length: 3cm / 1.18”, Width: 3.3cm / 1.3”

Total Length: 5.5cm / 2.16”


Cuff: 2.5cm / 1”

Sole: Length: 3.5cm / 1.37”, Width: 3.7cm / 1.45”

Total Length: 7cm / 2.75”


Cuff: 3cm / 1.18”

Sole: Length: 4cm / 1.57”, Width: 4.5cm / 1.77”

Total Length: 8.5cm / 3.34”

Colors: Blue & White, Blue Gray, Red, Pink


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