Cat Training & Feeding Bell


The Cat Training and Feeding Bell is a steel bell to help you regulate your cat’s feeding times. Cats quickly learn to associate the ringing of the Feeding Bell with mealtime. In fact, it isn’t unusual for cats to begin using the bell themselves to alert the chef they are ready for their meal!

Forget the can opener! It's time to try the bell. Let your cat know how clever they are by rewarding their attention to the sound of the bell with a meal. If you have a roaming outdoor cat, this is a fantastic way to get them inside and ready to wind down.

Regulating your cat’s feeding schedule helps them maintain a healthy sleep cycle. If your cat is overactive during the night, instead of at dawn or dusk, a feeding bell could help regulate their circadian rhythm. By feeding them their largest meal later they might adjust their manic night-time behavior!

If this doesn’t work, they are likely bored or under-exercised. Make sure to check out our Assorted Cat IQ Toys for extra-engaging playtimes that will stimulate their mind and body.

Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic

Colors: White, Blue, Pink, Red, Green

Size: Diameter: 7.2 cm / 2.83 inches, Height: 5 cm / 1.97 inches

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