Colorful Teaser Cat Toy on Wand



Colorful Teaser Cat Toy on Wand to keep your cat busy for hours! We offer a variety of toys that attach to a string: feather, plushies, bugs and ribbons. Spend time bonding with your cat with one of the wand toys. This toy simulates the motion of a bird, snake or bug at your control. Interactive play allows your cat to exercise while developing a stronger relationship with them. It encourages instinctual behaviors to keep your cat alert. We offer different colors and toy options.


How To Use

  • Choose the right color that suits your cat best
  • Flick your wrist and the brightly colored feathers dance and spin to invite your cat to play
  • Your cat will bounce, jump and imitate chasing a prey

Advantages For You And You Cat

  • Materials are soft and bite resistant so it won't hurt your cat
  • Strengthen your relationship with your fur baby
  • Keep your cat healthy and alert
  • Get the benefit of your cat “chasing a prey” without having to clean up after
  • Great to avoid boredom and depression for your cat


  • Blue, Pink & Yellow Ribbon (01)
  • Pink Feather (02)
  • White, Green & Red Feather (03)
  • White & Pink Bird (04)
  • Multicolor Plush (05)
  • Rainbow Ribbon (06)
  • Grey Bird (07)
  • Blue Crinkle Ball (08)
  • Rainbow Mouse (09)
  • Pink Fish (10)
  • Blue Bird (11)
  • White & Blue Short Feather (12)
  • Pink Crinkle Ball (13)
  • Red Feather (14)
  • Purple Feather (15)


Rod: 47cm/18.5in


  • Cloth
  • Plastic

Toy Type

  • Feather Toy
  • Interactive Toy

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