Cat Print Boot Style Slippers


These Cat Print Boot Style Slippers take indoor lounging and comfort to the next level. Lined with soft, plush material, these Boot Style Slippers wrap your feet and mid-calf in luxurious, fuzzy warmth.

With roomy cuffs, there is enough room to tuck in long pants or sweatpants. Not only does this prevent them from dragging on the floor and getting dirty, but it also looks really cute!

The outsole is made with EVA and lined with soft material with non-slip grips attached, so you can confidently walk along slippery surfaces. Decorated with a cute green-eyed Cat Print, these Boot Style Slippers broadcast pure cat love!

You can find many cozy clothing options in our Cat Lover’s Collection. If you’re looking for standard-style slippers, our Footwear Collection has many to choose from!

Please allow for a 1-3 cm/ 0.39-1.18” difference in the measurements below.

We highly recommend taking your foot’s measurements to select a size. If your foot tends to be on the wider side, select a size up to ensure the best fit. 


Outsole: EVA, Slipper and lining: Plush


All heels are flat <1cm / 0.39”

The Boot shafts vary by shoe size, starting around 23cm / 9.1” for smaller sizes up to about 27cm / 10.6” for larger sizes.

US Size 6

Length: 22.6-23cm / 8.9-9.06”

Width: 8.5-9cm / 3.35-3.54”

US Size 7

Length: 23.1-23.5cm / 9.09-9.25”

Width: 9cm / 3.54”

US Size 8 

Length: 23.6-24cm / 9.29-9.45”

Width: 9-9.5cm / 3.54-3.74”

US Size 9

Length: 24.1-24.5cm / 9.49-9.65”

Width: 9.5cm / 3.74”

US Size 10

Length: 24.6-25m / 9.69-9.84”

Width: 9.5-10cm / 3.74-3.94”

US Size 11

Length: 25.1-25.5cm / 9.88-10.04”

Width: 10cm / 3.94”

Colors: Brown


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