Cat Carrier Backpack


The Cat Carrier Backpack is a stylish, adaptable carrier that makes traveling with your cat a breeze. With an interchangeable window to give your cat viewing options, the Cat Carrier Backpack is thoughtfully designed. Take playtime outside and deepen your bond with your cat by transforming the Carrier from a dreaded item to a fun one! 

Interchangeable Space Window for Adjustability and Airflow

With breathable mesh fabric on both sides and three large air holes along the base, your cat will enjoy the free flow of fresh air. The interchangeable window can become an additional mesh screen or a super cool acrylic space window. Either way, your cat is safely enclosed in the carrier without feeling trapped or claustrophobic. 

Soft-sided, with a mesh door at the top of the backpack, this Carrier can be worn upright like a backpack or placed on its side, with the door perpendicular to the floor. 

Your cat will feel sheltered and comfortable, with the added comfort of being carried close to your body. Contrasted with traditional carriers, the Cat Carrier Backpack minimizes your cat’s experience of movement. 

Important Information About Cat Carriers And Air Travel

This Cat Carrier Backpack can help ease the stress of air travel with your cat because it has been designed to fit many carry-on dimensions. 

Since this Carrier comes in two sizes, make sure you double-check with your specific airline for their size requirements and restrictions. There are many considerations and issues to deal with in addition to your carrier’s size. 

Please factor in the maximum shipping time when placing your order. This will ensure that you have your carrier well before your trip. 

We strongly recommend that you have the carrier in your possession for a minimum of 3 months before your trip. For more information, read ‘How to Fly With Your Cat’, written to make air travel with your cat far less daunting and stressful. 

How to Measure Your Cat’ is another useful article to ensure you choose the right-sized carrier.

Please allow for a 1-3 cm/ 0.39-1.18” difference in the measurements below. 

Materials: Plastic, Acrylic, Breathable Polyester Mesh Screen Door



Length: 33cm / 12.99”

Width: 26cm / 10.24”

Height: 38cm / 14.96”


Length: 38cm / 14.96”

Width: 29cm / 11.42”

Height: 45cm / 17.72”

Colors: Pink, Brown, Beige

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