Banana Peel Cat Beds


Banana Peel Cat Beds are the cutest conversation starters that also happen to be ultra-soft beds for cats!

With a comfortable removable cushion for easy cleaning, the Banana Peel Cat Bed is delightfully low maintenance.

The Banana Bed is ideal for small homes. This is because its length can fit along couches or walls while creating a low profile with a narrow width.

Your precious little banana is going to love this fun, new cat bed!

Finding the Right Fit Banana Peel for Your Cat

Because the proportions are unique when compared with other standards, rounder-shaped cat beds, be sure to size up if you aren’t certain. Your cat won’t mind having the extra room.

Small and medium-sized cats who love to stretch out to their full length will adore the roomy Extra-Large Banana, for a deep, comfortable stretch and sleep.

While the slightly narrower width is ideal for compact spaces, the Banana Peel Bed can be a poor choice for larger cats.

Material: Short Plush


Small: Length: 35cm / 13.8 inches, Width: 13cm / 5.1 inches, Height: 18cm / 7.1 inches

Medium: Length: 47cm / 18.5 inches, Width: 18cm / 7.1 inches, Height: 25cm / 9.8 inches

Large: Length: 63cm / 24.8 inches, Width: 20cm / 7.9 inches, Height: 26cm / 10.2 inches

Extra-Large: Length: 87cm / 34.3 inches, Width: 27cm / 10.6 inches, Height: 28cm / 11 inches

Colors: Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink

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