Assorted Cat IQ Toys


The Assorted Cat IQ Toys will put your cat’s intelligence to the test and keep them happy. Enhance the domestic life of your cats by adding enrichment to their days. Give them mental stimulation throughout your home by placing these Assorted Cat IQ Toys in your cat's favorite spots.

Tumbling mice are notorious for fooling cats into chasing them endlessly while helping keep the cat's instincts sharp. Treat ball dispensers that conceal treats entice curious kitties towards feeding time, reducing food anxiety during meal times. Plush toys in quirky animal shapes encourage curiosity and engagement with the bonus of improving dental hygiene.

These challenging and playful toys are made from non-toxic material so that your cat stays safe while chasing, hunting, and playing. A fantastic boredom breaker, the Cat IQ Toys are for your cat to enjoy while you are busy, out, or too lazy to play, too.

You have two tumblers to choose from, either shaped like a bell or an hourglass. The tumbler is an excellent toy to get your cat thinking, only dispensing food if angled correctly. The built-in bell provides extra entertainment and an incentive to keep rolling.

Materials: Plastic, Plush, Feathers, Catnip, Metal

Materials, as well as sizes and colors, will vary according to toys and toy combinations. Simply scroll through the Color dropdown menu to view your options!


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