Matatabi/Silvervine Sticks


Matatabi/Silvervine Sticks are an effective alternative to catnip with the bonus of cleaning your cat’s teeth. For cats who are either unaffected by or uninterested in catnip, Matatabi/Silvervine Sticks are an excellent alternative. Available in packs of 15 or 20, the Matatabi sticks are long enough for your cat to grip and gnaw on to improve and protect their dental health. 

What is Matatabi?

Matatabi/Silvervine is the most popular cat treat in Asia. Unlike traditional catnip, which contains only one ingredient that acts as a cat attractant – Nepetalactone – Matatabi/Silvervine contains two.

The first is Actinidine, a pyridine derivative that invokes a similar response to nepetalactone. The second is dihydroactinidiolide, which has a light, sweet smell and is also said to act as a cat stimulant.

How Does Matatabi Affect Your Cat? 

The effects usually last 5-30 minutes and cats have been observed returning to Matatabi/Silvervine within 20 minutes. The product appears to invoke a more intense euphoric response in cats than regular catnip – fun behaviors such as rolling, licking, drooling, increased playfulness, and a general increase in cat activity have been noted.

Dr. Mark Mitchell of the University of Illinois has conducted an in-depth of the use of Matatabi/Silvervine as a cat stimulant. The key to the study was that the cats involved played two and half times longer with the toys associated with Matatabi/Silvervine than those sprinkled with regular catnip.

He also found that 3 out of every 4 cats preferred the toys covered in Matatabi/Silvervine overall, considering a variety of aspects such as initial excitement, behaviors exhibited, and time spent with the product.

Materials: Natural Matatabi/Silvervine Sticks

Sizes: 12cm x 0.5cm / 4.7 inches x 0.2 inches

Quantity: Packs of 15 or 20

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