Window Cat Hammock


Window Cat Hammock is a sturdy, portable sunbed that puts your cat right where the sun and action are all day. Your cat will love the variety of spots they can enjoy in the Window Cat Hammock.

Ideal for bird-watching or napping, Window Cat Hammock will keep your favorite family member well occupied, wide awake, or fast asleep.

How to Use Window Cat Hammock

This well-made Cat Hammock works best on a clean window. This will help it stick firmly to the window and also give kitty a better view!

First, make sure your chosen window is cleaned well before fixing the bed to it. Next, wet the suction cups. Hold the Window Cat Hammock up to the height you want it.

Push the wet suction cups hard into place, smoothing any air bubbles out towards the edges.

It's a good idea to leave Window Cat Hammock in place for 24 hours before allowing your cat on.


High-quality cloth material, plastic frame hammock with straps, and large suction cups.


60cm x 34cm / 23.6” x 13.4”

Suitable for cats weighing up to 22lbs / 10kg


Available in blue, black, and pink.


Window Hammock for Cats, Bed/Sleeping House




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