Cat Tree


Cat Tree is the ultimate multi-level jungle gym and playground for one or more cats to have a blast in all day! Indulge and exercise your cat’s naturally curious and playful nature with Cat Tree’s many activities and levels.

Like all intelligent beings, cats crave mental and physical stimulation. Cat Tree will banish cat boredom for good!

Cat Tree Features

  • Six unique levels, entirely covered in carpet that your cat will find irresistible.
  • Two spacious covered Cat Tree hideaways where your cat can hide or even nap in.
  • 9 scratching posts wrapped in durable sisal to withstand your cat’s playtime friskiness.
  • Two ramps with steep inclines make Cat Tree feel like a real tree with branches to climb.
  • Two balls attached differently for exciting new ways to play, surprise, and attack.
  • Cat Tree has fully climbable exteriors to all levels.
  • A hammock-type basket at the very top may just become your cat’s favorite napping space away from all the humans.

The Benefits of a Cat Tree Playground

Your cat’s love for interaction and play isn’t just an adorable personality trait!

Wild cats naturally engage in play behavior that teaches important skills like stalking, chasing, and trapping. Cat Tree helps to stimulate those instincts.

An indoor cat can become bored and moody if they don’t get enough exercise.

Cat Tree playground is an especially great tool to exercise indoor cats. Although they can’t access natural climbing and hiding places like trees, they still need to express this part of themselves.

With Cat Tree, no cat can be bored for long. And after all that play, they have a choice of three special places to take a well-deserved nap!


Wood, carpet, and sisal rope


Full Height is 178cm / 70.1”. Fully detailed measurements for Cat Tree are pictured.


Beige or Grey


Cat Tree, Cat Scratching Tool, Toy, Beds & Houses


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