Soft Plush Cat Toys are great to keep your Cat occupied.

For some Catsstuffed animals should be small enough to carry around. Especially for Kittens that can't carry large stuffed dolls.

Toys with legs and a tail are usually very attractive. We have many Plush Cat Toys to choose from including Fish and Mice. They're always a popular!

Some of our Toys are stuffed with Catnip inside. Catnip can help reduce anxiety and even relieve pain. It is useful for very young Kittens that are settling in a new house and feel stressed to be home alone for an extended period of time. Infused Catnip Toys can be useful while travelling with your pet for stress relief.

Get a bed companion for your cat with our Cute Chewy Pillow, that can reassure your furry friend while going to sleep.

All our Stuffed and Plush Toys are designed for Cats and are safe to use.

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Plush Mouse Toy  | | Shop Cat Toys, Clothes, and Grooming Supplies
Stuffed Fish Cat Toy with Catnip  | | Shop Cat Toys, Clothes, and Grooming Supplies
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