Cat Grooming Products

All good cat parents groom their cats! Grooming your cat isn't just essential for keeping them clean and healthy. It is also a wonderful bonding activity.

We provide Combs & Brushes and Nail Care for all of your cat's grooming needs.

The Benefits of Cat Grooming

Proper cat grooming is essential for the following reasons:

Maintain Optimal Cat Health

Cats are very clean animals by preference. They will spend most of their day sleeping or grooming themselves. Support your cat's love for good health and cleanliness by feeding them healthy food, loving them unconditionally, and grooming them!

Detect Serious Health Issues

We know when we're sick because we know how we feel when we're healthy. And the same goes for cats. Grooming can help you avoid serious health issues before they become problematic. 

When you regularly care for your cat's nails, paws, and coat, you get to know them well. This will help you detect when they aren't, even when it isn't obvious. 

Bonding With Your Cat

All cats thrive on love, care, and affection. Regular nail trimmings keep your cat comfortable. Even if they dislike the process, they know it's good for them.

Like massage, brushing your cat's coat releases endorphins, feel-good hormones. This will make your cat feel bonded to you. The trick is to find the right brush!

The Best Grooming Products for Your Cat

At CatToyz, we have conveniently split our grooming products into two categories:

Cat Combs & Brushes

Some cats love a good brushing while others hate it! Either way, you need to have one or two tools to brush your cat's coat for their own good. 

That doesn't mean subjecting your cat to a brush they don't like. Try out these Cat Grooming Hair Removal Gloves for finicky cats. These gloves deliver a rigorous grooming session with the delicacy of a cuddle!

Durable, easy-to-clean, and affordable, the Easy Grip Cat Hair Brush and Stainless Steel Comb are essential basics for your cat-grooming toolkit.


Nail Care for Your Cat

A nail-trimming every two weeks is recommended by veterinarians. Some cats can be so delicate about nail care that they require a professional groomer. 

If you find claw trimming difficult or even stressful, don't worry! You're definitely not alone. Luckily, we have user-friendly Cat Nail Trimmers to make the task simple.

Always buy the nail care that you are most comfortable using. If you prefer a scissors-style grip, we recommend the Stainless Steel Claw Trimmers

The handy Portable Cat Nail Clipper and Nail File comes in small and large sizes for extra precision and convenience.

Cat Grooming Products
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