Ergonomic Adjustable Cat Bowls In White


Ergonomic Adjustable Cat Bowls In White will put your mind at ease about your cat's digestion and comfort at mealtimes. These elegantly designed bowls are the perfect height for maximum comfort when your cat is eating!

Why Ergonomic Adjustable Cat Bowls?

Humans can eat in a number of positions. When a cat eats from a dish, its mouth becomes lower than its stomach. This increases the risk of back-flow, causing your cat stress and discomfort. Ergonomic Adjustable Cat Bowls cater to feline anatomy.

Adjustable Cat Bowls provide your cat with an optimized dining experience! You can adjust the angle from 0 to 20 degrees, raising it for your cat's unique preference. It has an anti-slip rubber mat which makes it stable and resists sliding.

Ergonomic Cat Bowls in White are available as a single bowl or double bowl options.

The double bowl is perfect if you have several cats or if your cat is comfortable having his water near his food.

Made with durable, long-lasting materials, Ergonomic Adjustable Cat Bowls is eco-friendly. The bowl is easily detachable to facilitate cleaning.

How To Use Ergonomic Adjustable Cat Bowls

  • Adjust the angle of the bowl to fit your cat height.
  • Fill the bowl(s) with your cat's favorite food and/or water
  • Place the bowl back on the base and put it where your cat usually eats
  • Let your cat eat and/or drink without worrying about his digestion!
  • Clean the bowl regularly using a sponge with soap and rinse with warm water
  • Let it air dry


Ergonomic Cat Bowls Unique Features

  • 0-20 degrees adjustable ergonomic design tilted up to 20 degrees, the design helps to release the stress on your cats neck so they can more comfortably enjoy their food.
  • Eco-friendly material and easy cleaning: made of eco-friendly food grade plastic which is non-toxic and safe to your pet. Just use a dish cloth or sponge to clean, rinse it in clean water and let it air dry.
  • Durable & anti-slip: the bottom of this elevated cat bowl has an anti-slip rubber mat which makes it stable and resists sliding which prevents your cat from pushing their bowl(s) around, protecting your floors. This also helps to eliminate any food spillage.
  • Two configurations: in order to better fit the layout of your home, you can choose from the double-bowl design or single bowl, allowing you to place the bowls at varying distances.
  • Worry-free: your cat will be safely eating, reducing the risk of back-flow significantly. No more cleaning for you!


  • Single bowl
  • Double bowl



  • Base: ABS
  • Bowl: Transparent PC


Item Type

Water & Food Dishes

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