The How-To's For Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

The How-To's For Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

Before going on any crazy crash diets or reducing the amount of food you give your beloved cat companion, we always recommend talking to the vet. They will be able to evaluate your cat's health a determine if there any issues and as they are the professionals they will be able to recommend the best weight loss plan. 

Feeding Your Cat

You always want to look for food that will support your cat's health and keep them feeling full. Familiarize yourself with the ingredients in the food and how they benefit their lifestyle and health. Foods that taste great and pack a healthy punch are your best bets for achieving your cat's weight loss goals. Meat protein and vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron all provide significant nutritional value.

Dry cat food

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In certain cases, your vet may recommend a certain type of food that is specially formulated to help get your cat to a healthy weight including foods that work to get your cat's metabolism.

We all enjoy having a treat every now and again, however, feeding your cat table scraps or treats on a regular basis isn't a good idea. Don't worry they'll get used to not having treats as much and they won't hate you! 

Play More-You Both Will Benefit

Cat playing and chasing laser pointer

It's been proven time and time again that spending time with animals is therapeutic. Therapy for you and weight loss for them; a perfect combination! Which toy is best? Every feline has their own toy preference...even a wadded-up piece of paper will entertain your little hunter. Mix up activities to keep them interested.

Want to combine exercise with your cat's feeding time? Consider getting a puzzle feeding dish. These special dishes require your cat to work get their food out, helping them burn those extra calories.

Preventing Weight Gain Is Easier 

On average, a healthy rate of weight loss is one-half to one percent of body weight per week, but your vet will be best at setting specific goals.

Cat treat dispensing toy

Establishing a regular feeding schedule is also key to help your cat keep off the pounds. Some cats are happy with one or two meals a day, while others prefer smaller, more frequent meals. Observe their eating habits to determine the best meal practices for your cat to help get them to their optimal weight. Your kitty may not be happy with these changes at first, but they'll appreciate it in the long run. After all, staying at a healthy weight allows them to move and play more, and enjoy an overall better quality of life.



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