6 Ways to Entertain Your Cat

6 Ways to Entertain Your Cat

We're cat lovers here at CatToyz.com and we know how hard it can be to find ways to entertain your cat when you're not home. Even your time spent with your cat can get repetitive if you don’t switch things up.

If that sounds like advice for an old married couple, it is. We've been there!

Cats are really smart creatures. They have a lot of energy and personality to get out between naps. So what do you do when the weather outside is terrible or you’re just too busy to play with them?

Here are 6 ideas for you to keep your relationship with your cat fresh and fun!

1) Cat Scratching Posts for Height Variation, Adventure, and Activity

Cats are natural predators and like to scratch and bite … everything. They also love to have a higher vantage point from which to survey their territory. It's in their DNA, but your furniture isn't the best place for them to carry out these primordial activities.

Multi-Level Modern Cat Tree at CatToyz.com

Multi-Level Modern Cat Tree

Scratching posts are made of tactile materials like cardboard, sisal rope, carpeting, and other materials. These materials appeal to your cat’s curiosity and hunting instincts. Scratching helps cats sharpen their claws and keep the surrounding skin and cuticles soft and supple.

Tree Shaped Sisal Rope Scratching Post at CatToyz.com

Tree Shaped Sisal Rope Scratching Post

If you have more than one cat at home, it can be a good idea to give each their own post since some cats are territorial about this type of activity. Entertain your cat with a piece of furniture they can scratch to their heart’s content!

2) Use a Bird Feeder to Bring Nature to Your Cat

If you’re able to put that scratching post next to a window, you’ve killed two birds with one stone. Okay, bad pun. But if you want to give your cats a taller vantage point of your indoor territory, allow them to survey the outdoors, where they can look but not touch.

Being hunters at heart defines so much of a cat’s preferences and interests. They love watching birds in the yard and even on the TV. Attract those birds in a way that keeps them safe but happy and visible to your cat. They're also beautiful, fascinating animals for people to watch, too. It can be something you and your cat enjoy together.

One option is to buy a bird feeder to attract those birds closer to your cat’s favorite window. Window hammocks are a great way to give your cat a front-row spot if a scratching post doesn’t work.

If you live in an apartment that doesn’t look out on a yard, you can get bird feeders with suction cups that fit outside of your windows. And of course, if you have access to outdoor or garden space, you have many more options! From birdbaths to feeders, there are many ways to bring wildlife to your green space regularly.

3) New Cat Toys, Even if It’s Just for the Cardboard Box They Came In!

We love how low maintenance and independent cats can be. But what happens when your cat gets bored with the toys that have always kept them so self-sufficient? Cats can be fickle and will likely come around to those old toys when they seem new again.

One option is to hide those old toys in new places for your cat to rediscover at a future time. This could rekindle their interest! In the meantime, even a simple new toy can bring all the new sparkle your cat’s eyes crave.

When you select a new toy, make sure to add variety to your collection. If you’ve only got plush toys, but no laser toys or IQ toys, that's a good place to start. Catnip plush toys and squeezy toys can lose their bounce and fluff, so even something small and cute can go a long way!

You could also treat your cat to a once-in-a-while ball of string, shoe, toilet paper roll, or another coveted human object. Be warned that this could become a bad habit where nice things become kitty fodder. Old socks, shoes, and clothing that you can’t donate are excellent candidates!

4) Obstacle Courses and Blanket Forts Are Not Just for Human Children

Obstacle courses and forts are for human adults and cats, too. Cats enjoy exploring new places and finding hidden areas around the house. Hiding in little nooks and crannies is one of their weirdest and most lovable habits.

4' Long and Curvy Cat Tunnel with Windows at CatToyz.com

Encourage this boredom-busting curiosity by constructing a jungle gym and obstacle course made of cat toys, scratching posts, and window hammocks. Use cat tunnels to transition them from one room to another, attaching dangling toys along the way. If you happen to be bored, we guarantee that you’ll become quite absorbed in this surprisingly addictive activity.

5) Put Cat Food Inside of a Puzzle Toy

Tumbler feeding toys are great for cats and all animals. They keep cats intellectually curious and motivated by spilling food pellets when angled correctly.

Cat Feeding Tumbler Toys at CatToyz.com

Cat Feeding Tumbler Toys

These toys keep cats entertained and active while also giving them a healthy outlet for energy. They enjoy the challenge and the food-rewarded activity helps to lower the risk of obesity. Bonus: You save money from not having to buy as many treats.

6) Blow Bubbles - Cats Love Chasing After Them!

One of our favorite classic cat memes is a cat watching a soap bubble. It’s no secret they find them strange and fascinating! If you haven’t shown your cat bubbles and they need some entertainment, try surprising them with bubbles!

Here’s how:

1) Gather supplies-a wand or straw, dish soap and water in a bowl, and an empty container or glass jar. 2) Fill the container about halfway full with dish soap and water. 3) Insert your wand or straw into the solution and blow!

6 Ways to Entertain Your Cat

We hope we gave some new ideas to switch up your cat's entertainment and playtime.

But guess what? We have 6 more!

Stay tuned, they're coming next week.



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