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6 More Ways to Entertain Your Cat

In our last article, we brought you six fresh ideas for curing cat boredom. As promised, we have six more ways to entertain your cat to keep them happy and feeling loved.  

1) Give Your Cat a Comfy Bed

A bored cat may be a tired and under-rested cat. It’s hard to imagine that an animal that spends an average of 16 hours a day sleeping or napping could be sleep deprived. But the quality of sleep is as important as quantity.

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It could be that your cat doesn’t have a bed or sleeping arrangement that is as optimally comfortable as possible. A bed that is too small could be preventing your cat from stretching out or curling up, leading to frequent awakenings. And a bed that is too large might not be making them feel safe or sheltered enough.

To find that Goldilocks ‘just right’ sweet spot, make sure you measure your cat before you buy them a bed. An ultra-soft and supportive bed will provide warmth, softness, and a feeling of safety, but only if it fits your cat! 

2) Change up Your Cat’s Diet

We all know what it’s like to get bored of eating the same old food. So if it can happen to humans, it can happen to cats. Considering that mealtime is one of the focal points of a cat’s day, changing up their food now and then can go a long way in giving them something to look forward to.

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There is also the possibility that your cat’s diet isn’t giving them the proper nutrition they need. If you think this might be the case, be sure to bring it up with your veterinarian on your bi-annual visit.

In the meantime, read articles about cat nutrition for ideas on how to safely adjust your cat’s meal plan. We give you a few pointers in 'Common Cat Feeding Mistakes'.

For a quick, fun food-related boredom buster, consider a Feeding Tumbler Toy. Or if you already have one, change up the treats!

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One last thing to consider are your feeding bowls. Because cats eat close to the ground, a bowl that is too high or too low could cause extreme discomfort. Ergonomic bowls like the Tilting Adjustable Cat Food & Water Bowls allow you to find the perfect angle to maximize their comfort at mealtimes. 

When it comes to food, the smallest changes can make all the difference.

3) Take Your Cat Outside

One way that you can keep your cat happy is by taking them outdoors for walks on a leash or a harness. This will allow them to explore their surroundings, get some exercise, and stop feeling bored from staying indoors all day long! Collars and leashes will keep your cat safe on outdoor adventures.

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You'll also be able to bond with your cat over introducing them to fresh, new surroundings and getting in touch with nature. Engaging your cat's five senses by exposing them to new places stimulates them mentally, emotionally, and physically. It's never too late to start walking your cat now. 

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Cat carriers have also come a long way from the awkward hand-held carrier. These days you can strap your cat to your back and take them for a bike ride or a walk. If you think your cat might get anxious around people in public, an ingenious modern cat carrier might be just the ticket. 

4) Watch TV With Your Cat

We all know that cats are very curious creatures and have a sense of adventure. They also love to be entertained, but sometimes you just don't feel like playing with them or they're not in the mood for interactive playtime. That's why it's a good idea to let your feline friend watch some TV with you!

Sometimes playtime can be lazy and leisurely for both you and your cat. It's an easy way to keep them occupied when they’re bored and not feeling interested in their toys or scratching post.

TV time allows you the pleasure of enjoying a more mellow form of energy from your cat. You'll both enjoy the TV together without feeling guilty about neglecting one another. Netflix currently has a couple of cat documentaries on right now that you will both love!

5) Put Scratch Pads and Carpet on Slippery Floors

You may not realize it, but slippery surfaces can deter cats from exploring their environment and feeling comfortable to do so. If you think this might be the case with your cat, consider adding some runners or carpets to your home. Make a point of selecting second-hand rugs that you don’t mind losing to scratches.

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Alternately, you can place properly made Rollable Cat Scratch Pads around your home. Made with thick, high-quality sisal, your cat will zero in the pads with confidence.

Good to know: most scratch pads or protectors that wrap around furniture legs can be laid out on the floor, too!

6) Play With Your Cat Every Day!

Cats are independent creatures and it can be hard to know what they want. But sometimes all a cat needs is love and attention in the form of cuddles, daily brushing, and other maintenance activities.

Having the right tools on hand can make these essentials fun and easy. For instance, having the right nail clippers and grooming tools keeps your cat calm and comfortable, making that quality time that much richer.

Intelligent and sensitive, cats thrive when they know they are safe to explore, play, relax, and be themselves. A varied, healthy balance of necessary maintenance, active play, and leisure activities will ensure your cat will be the happiest version of themselves!

12 Ideas to Keep Your Cat Entertained!

Make sure to try out all 12 boredom-busting ideas we’ve outlined between here and '6 Ways to Entertain Your Cat'. You don’t know if you don’t try. Make entertaining your bored cat a priority and enjoy the love and affection you will get in return!



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