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We love Cats, and we love everything Cat-themed! We continuously search the Web to find the best products available and have them shipped directly from the manufacturer. This is how we offer such low prices! Search our selection of only the Best Cat Toys, Costumes, Collars, Leashes and Grooming Tools for Your Furry Friends.

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Ergonomic Adjustable Cat Bowls In White  | | Shop Cat Toys, Clothes, and Grooming Supplies
Personalized Rhinestone Cat Collar  | | Shop Cat Toys, Clothes, and Grooming Supplies
Wall Mounted Cat Bridge  | | Shop Cat Toys, Clothes, and Grooming Supplies

The Best Cat Toys Online

We all love our furry babies, even though they sleep for hours! Stimulating and playing with your cat won’t be a problem any more thanks to our wide selection of toys. At CatToyz we hunt for the funniest and cutest toys just for you! Spoil your kitty with a Plush Toy or bond with your pet with our selection of Teasers/Wands.

Have fun with your feline friend with our High Tech collection composed of Interactive & Electronic Cat Toys. You will find the purrfect plaything at Cat Toyz. We also have Electronic balls / Chasing Toys that will draw your cat's attention and stimulate its natural instincts while keeping him busy with healthy exercise.

We know personalization is key; Cat's come in many different shapes and sizes. This is why the majority of our Cat collections have different colors, materials and sizes to fit your cat’s preference. Great for cats of all ages from kittens to adult felines, our vast stock of options will entertain the pickiest of furry companions.

Cat Toys collection by cattoyz


At, we love our furry friends! That’s why we created this Cat Boutique, where we curated a large selection of Cat Apparel so your feline can look sharp at all time. All our Toyz are safe for kids to use when playing with your pet. All the family can enjoy some cat bounding time.

We are only looking for the best quality products your kitty deserve. You can shop around in our selection of Best Cat Toys (from interactive cat toys to feather and plush ones), Costumes, Collars, Leashes and Grooming Tools like Brushes, for all your Furry Friends needs. We also have lots of fun Cat-themed clothing; think Cat T-Shirts and Hoodies for the Crazy Cat person in all of us, as well as Underwear and Jewelry.

Don’t forget to check our Household section with great Cat Beds, Scratch Posts, Cat Litter Boxes, Food Dishes and Carriers; everything has been selected so your Cat can feel comfortable while not sacrificing your home decor.

Check out our products right meow!

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